Startup Pitch


5 Things That Have Changed in Startup Pitching This Year

Due to the funding crisis, this year's startup pitching has undergone a major shift, with a stronger emphasis now being placed on cost structures, profitability, and unit economics.


Why You Should Stop Touting Your 'Six-Figure Business' in Your Media Pitches

Big claims might be killing your media outreach.


How Overcoming Fear Led The Gritti Fund Founder Marcel Muenster On His Entrepreneurial Journey

Marcel Muenster, a Johns Hopkins-trained medical doctor, digital health entrepreneur, and early-stage investor, on changing the way the global investment community approaches the well-being of startup founders.

Growth Strategies

How To Make a Compelling Case To Investors

The timeframe is usually short, and making the most of it is crucial. Here's how

Starting a Business

Learnings From Successful Startup Pitches: How to Build a Compelling Presentation

The Internet is full of resources on how to make a great presentation, but when it comes time to build one's own startup pitch, most people grossly underestimate what it really takes to do it