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Microsoft Facing Antitrust Probe For Teams Platform: Report

The report revealed that the communications app called Slack filed a complaint with EU's antitrust body in 2020 raising allegations that Microsoft unfairly ties Microsoft Teams and other software with its widely-used Office suite

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Atlassian Stock: Taking Another Look

Atlassian (NASDAQ: TEAM) stock is down over 60% over its high. Atlassian is a software company based out of Sydney and San Francisco.


Why Leadership Is not Acknowledged in the Startup Industry

The real reason for the failure of any business is lack of leadership, which is driven by a purpose and vision.

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The Importance of Recognizing Your Employees

You should be doing it everyday.

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How to Build an All-Star Social Media Team in 5 Steps

There are so many things to consider: What skills do you need in your team? How should you structure the team? How do you hire new team members?

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How to Build Your Marketing Dream Team

The role of 'the marketer' is rapidly evolving. So, how does this modern marketing team differ from the traditional one?

Thought Leaders

9 Ways to Escape 'Group Think' Trap

We need to work in teams but think for ourselves.