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Bill Gates Says Covid-19 Deaths Could Fall to Seasonal Flu Levels by Next Year

One of the reasons behind this optimistic prediction is the advent of new oral Covid treatments.

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The Rise Of Hair Transplant Clinics In Turkey

Most people have limited knowledge on the hair transplant treatments available and for those that do, the cost of a hair transplant is unaffordable


This 34-Year-Old Is Enhancing Cancer Patients' Experience By Providing End-End Care Management

Rashie Jain's currently serves over 12,000 cancer patients every month and has served over 150,000 patients from India and other emerging markets


Where Should Healthcare Industry go Forward?

10 per cent of health insurance plans will be linked to lifestyle and health data-driven interactive policies in some form by the end of 2019

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The Growing Demand for Primary Health Care In India

Primary healthcare refers to the first level of contact between individuals and families with the health system


#6 Predictions for the Future of Mental Health Technology

Many licensed mental health clinicians in the US are already creating VR environments particular to their patients' treatment, and the results are promising


This Global Cosmetic Brand is Tapping Business Opportunity in Rural India

The company has sourced the latest cosmetic, skin care and hair care technology from all over the world.


'Technology Has Potential To Make Cancer Treatment Better and Affordable'

The healthcare facilities are presently staring at an impending crisis of specialists.


What Can Be More Important Than Saying You Know What, We Saved a Life?

"We Are Not About Vitamin Pills. Our Treatment Has To Be Life Changing or Life Saving."

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I Suggest You Replace Your Suggestion Box With This

Keep in mind the three Ts: fair treatment, transparency and trust.