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Is Your Data Safe with Edtech?

Understanding why India's educational sector and edtech is the most cyber attack prone space globally and how consumers and companies be wary of internet malice

Business News

Is Chipotle Starting To Look Cheap Here?

For a stock that has dropped 25% since the middle of September, Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) is sure attracting a lot of favorable attention.

Science & Technology

These Wireless Chargers Can Upgrade Your Decor

Wireless chargers have been around for years, but a new crop of creators made them more stylish, convenient, and integrated with your workspace.

Thought Leaders

How to Improve Your Subscription Business Churn Rate

Offering incentives and following up with canceled clients can significantly increase your active subscriptions.


Do we really need smartphones in life? Here are the reasons why we do not!

You really need to read this before you consider an upgrade