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New York Judge Orders City to Re-Hire Sanitation Workers and Give Provide Back Pay

The group of sanitation workers sued after being fired in February for not getting vaccinated.

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USAID's CoVLEx Initiative Brings Private Sector Learnings To Global South

The CoVLEx initiative is a unique platform that shares best practices on COVID-19 vaccination strategies among five Indian cities

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Leisure Sector Jobs Recovered Faster in Highly Vaccinated States: Fitch

Leisure and hospitality job growth between March and August 2021 averaged nearly 12 percent in the highest quartile states for vaccination, and less than 4 percent in the states in the lowest quartile, according to the report.

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Access Your Vaccination Card Anywhere with This Bracelet

Show your commitment to beating Covid-19 with a vaccination band.

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Taco Bell is Giving Out Free Food to Vaccinated Customers

All you need to do is show proof of vaccination in order to get in on the free grub.

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Grocery Chain to Give Away $5 million to Vaccinated Customers

The chain will also be rewarding 50 vaccinated customers with free groceries for an entire year.

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All the Free Stuff Your State is Giving Away if You Get Vaccinated

State and local governments are trying to incentivize vaccinations against the coronavirus.

Growing a Business

How Increased Vaccinations Will Impact Your Small Business

With more people getting vaccinated, small-business owners are wondering when things will get back to normal.


Is the UK the World's Top Destination for Franchise Brands?

With an unregulated franchising economy, world-leading vaccination rates, Brexit and government-backed unsecured loans for franchise buyers, the UK is attracting franchisors from around the globe.

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This Country Only Needed About 2 Weeks to Vaccinate Nearly Its Entire Adult Population

Situated between India and China, the tiny country of Bhutan has vaccinated 93% of its adult population in just over two weeks.

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Krispy Kreme Is Ready to Give You a Free Daily Doughnut for the Rest of the Year -- But Only If You've Been Vaccinated

The doughnut company announced the offer today as part of its effort to encourage Americans to get vaccinated.

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Facebook Starts Helping Users Find and Book COVID-19 Vaccinations

The social network has also begun labeling all posts about novel coronavirus.

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Johnson & Johnson vs. Moderna: Which Vaccine Stock is a Better Buy?

Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are two healthcare companies that have successfully developed COVID-19 vaccines which are currently being distributed throughout the U.S.