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Netflix already has video games: Compatible titles and devices

Starting on November 2, you will be able to play the video games of some of your favorite Netflix series.

Hackers break into Twitch again and steal payments from streamers

Several Twitch streamers reported that hackers once again infiltrated the platform, this time to steal payments from twitchers using private data.

Walmart would have a huge secret PS5 stockpile amid a shortage of consoles, according to this TikTok video

A short TikTok video has gone viral for allegedly revealing that Walmart is stockpiling PS5 consoles, despite global shortages and public demand.

Twitch leak reveals who the most popular streamers are and how much money they make

The most popular Twitch streamers in Spanish, such as AuronPlay, Ibai Llanos and ElRubius are not even close to the top 3 of the highest paid 'twitchers', see who they are and how much the kings of the video game platform earn.

There will be a shortage of Xbox consoles until 2022, confirmed the company owned by Microsoft

Bad news for gamers. The lack of chips that has the entire technology industry in check, will cause the shortage of Xbox consoles to last until 2022.

NFT video games leave up to $ 1,000 in profit per month

With the Axie Infinity video game you can earn between $ 300 and $ 500 a month.

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Children and young gamers in China rent adult accounts to play video games due to new restrictions

Renting your video game account to a young gamer seems like a lucrative and harmless business, but those who bypass the new restrictions imposed in China already have legal problems.

Shares of Chinese video game companies plummet amid state pressure for underage addiction

On September 2, the Chinese government issued its mandate that no one under the age of 18 can play more than three hours of video games per week.

China bans children and teens from playing video games for more than three hours a week

Minors will only be able to access video games on the days and times established by the Chinese government, and only for a total of three hours a week.

Netflix released two 'Stranger Things' video games to play from its app, here is everything you need to know

The streaming platform finally dabbled in video games. Its first two releases are inspired by the 'Stranger Things' series and here we tell you how they can be played.

4 essential skills to start a career in the video game industry

As the games industry has grown in importance and sales have increased, there is a wider range of college degrees available.

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What would 'El chavo del 8' look like in a Nintendo version

The Nintendo video game artist and designer shared his vision for the Chespirito character.

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