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One Year Later, The War in Ukraine Is Having a 'Massive Environmental Impact'

Russia has targeted electric grids, oil refineries, and nuclear plants, damaging ecosystems, soil, and water. Then there is nuclear radiation.

Money & Finance

How Businesses Can Navigate the Treacherous Waters of Trade Wars

War and international tensions have led to sanctions, tariffs, questions for business owners and not a lot of answers for how to mitigate the fallout. Here are some strategies to consider.


I've Led My Ukrainian Team Throughout the War. Here Are 6 Leadership Rules to Follow in a Crisis.

Use these six war-tested rules to help you navigate any hardship you might face as a leader.

Health & Wellness

This Company Has Donated Computers, Software, and More Than 1 Million Dollars Worth of COVID Tests to Hospitals in Ukraine

The co-founder and co-CEO of Intrivo shares why he traveled to Ukraine to help distribute COVID tests, how he brought laptops to war-torn hospitals, and what you can do to help.

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What the War in Ukraine Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Collaboration

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been devastating to watch unfold in real time. But we've also seen millions of people coming together for the same cause, and all entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this action.


What I've Learned From Running a Ukrainian Startup During Wartime

When Russia invaded Ukraine, our team knew we had to adapt and help our country in whatever ways we could. Here are three principles for any startup trying to push forward amid extreme adversity.

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McDonald's to Exit Russia for Good: 'We Can No Longer Keep the Arches Shining There.'

After 30 years and over 800 stores, McDonald's has decided to leave Russia for good following its temporary closure of stores amidst conflict with Ukraine.

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John Deere Remotely Disables Tractors Stolen in Ukraine by Russian Troops

Grain and cereal theft by Russian troops has become a common practice. Now they also took tractors and machinery that cannot be used.


4 Ways to Better Your Team During a Time of Crisis

Here are some practical guidelines for business leaders to guide their teams to success through trying times.

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Now Russia blocks access to Google News

The service that compiles content from various media is blocked after Google's announcement that it does not allow the monetization of content that exploits or ignores the war.

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These are the users who use Tinder to spread images of what is happening in Ukraine in Russia

The digital dating platform is still operating normally in Russia and some users have found a way to use it to spread images that the Russian government does not want citizens to see.