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Don't Succumb Under the Pressure of Being a Good Girl, Whatsoever!

Media forges upon insecurities of an individual, i.e. it works like a pesticide – feeding upon inadequacies

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Getting Back to Work Post Maternity Break Remains a Social Phenomena in India

Women workforce comprise between 25 percent to 40 percent of the total employee strength at Indian companies today, depending on the industry.

Thought Leaders

Remembering Forgotten Women of History to Elevate Perceptions of Women Today

Media education non-profit Feminist Frequency seeks funding for a web series to inspire better representation of women on screen.


5 Big Campaigns Indian Women Have Won on Change.org

Here are some of their incredible stories, of women smartly using technology to start campaigns, and getting massive support from Change.org users .

Thought Leaders

Annie, Get Your Gun: 4 Business Lessons From a Sharpshooter

If you can embody Oakley's spirit in the boardroom, you'll go far.


Market to Empowered Women: It's Ethical -- And It's Good for Business

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and top editorial and marketing executives weigh in on why it's increasingly becoming good business to present strong, modern images of women in ad campaigns.


Catch Up With These 3 Big Waves in Marketing to Women

From Beyoncé to Sheryl Sandberg, women are speaking out about how they really lead their lives. Companies chasing their dollars may wish to take heed.