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Businesses Need More Women Investors. Here's How That Can Happen.

Female investors who share knowledge and guidance with other women founders will improve the likelihood of success and return for the investors.

Women Entrepreneur™

Equity, Inclusion And the Evolution Of Venture Finance

Is the global private capital landscape ready to finally begin shifting from its historical pale and male dominance?

Women Entrepreneur™

Rising Number of Female Investors in Real Estate

Majority of the working women prefer to invest in property rather than investing in share market and mutual funds

Women Entrepreneur™

Why are there Less Women VCs in the Indian Startup Ecosystem?

"The statistics are abysmal: Only 7% of women are partners at top 100 VC firms"


India Has A Handful of Women Venture Capitalists. Here's the List

From cricket to big corporate jobs to entrepreneurship, Indian women have time and again proved their great leadership skills