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India To Benefit From Supply-Chain Changes: World Economic Forum

The report suggests that more than 90% of the chief economists expected at least moderate growth in both East Asia and Pacific and South Asia

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Who Gets to Attend Davos? Everything You Need to Know About the Notoriously Difficult-to-Get-Into Conference

Can anyone attend Davos? Here's what you need to know about the annual World Economic Forum meeting.

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Amidst Concerns and Market Uncertainties, WEF-OMI Report Says that India May Become the Largest EV Market

A report by the World Economic Forum and Ola Mobility Institute shows that the country can potentially become the largest EV market in the world

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ASEAN Youths Change Jobs to Learn New Skills: World Economic Forum

WEF suggests that there is a strong need for businesses, especially SMEs to increase investment in human capital development

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The Philippines is the Best Asian Country To Be In For Women

According to a recent report, the country rose two notches from its place last year due to an increase in wage equality for similar work and in women's estimated earned income


Why Southeast Asian Countries Are Leading the Robot Adoption Race

Europe and the US lag significantly behind


AI and Automation to Have Far Greater Effect on Human Jobs by 2022 (Infographic)

The technologies are penetrating industries will greater speed, making way for human resources to upskill


Three Learnings from Jack Ma

Starting out his career as a teacher is what made him into the world's renowned businessman he is today, believes Ma

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Why Reskilling is the Need of the Hour

In order to be relevant in this competitive industry, skill development is one of the most essential ingredients for development

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Do You Want to Know Jack Ma's Secret to Success?

Hint - It isn't IQ or EQ.

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Shah Rukh Khan Advocates Women's Right to Assert Choices in His Davos Speech

The megastar averred acid-attacks to be one of the basest, crudest acts of subjugation imaginable

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India Most Competitive Economy in South Asia, Says WEF Report

World Economic Forum report for 2017-18 stated the ranking of 137 global economies, based on factors driving countries' productivity and prosperity


New Business Opportunities In Fashion And Design

'Fashion brand managers today are dynamic individuals who understand the vocabulary of creative designers'

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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Attend Davos

The marquee speaker list featured world leaders such as President Xi Jinping of China, Prime Minister Theresa May of the UK among others.