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Barry Farber

Barry Farber, rated as the "hottest speaker of the year" by Successful Meetings Magazine, is the best selling author of 11 books that have been translated into more than 25 foreign languages with over one million copies sold. Some of his books include The 12 Clichés of Selling and Why They Work (Workman Publishing) and Superstar Sales Manager's Secrets and Diamond Power (Career Press). He is also the author of the top selling Nightingale Conant audio programs, State of the Art Selling and Diamond in the Rough.

His monthly column can be read in Entrepreneur Magazine and is a regular guest on QVC selling out unique and innovative products since 1997.

Farber has trained over 300,000 salespeople, business owners, managers and executives on how to breakthrough barriers to achieve their sales, management, and personal goals. Some of his clients include AT&T, American Express, Chase, ESPN/ABC Sports, Merck, Nestle Waters, State Farm Insurance, UPS and Verizon.

What makes Barry's programs unique and practical are the real world applications he shares from his day-to-day activities. He was the broker and agent for the $7 million dollar Evel Knievel roller coaster that Six Flags Theme Parks launched the summer of 2008, winner of 3 Telly Awards as the Executive Producer of the Jackie Mason Television Show, Co-Inventor and Marketer of the FoldzFlat® Pen selling millions in the promotional, direct response and retail markets, literary agent for the autobiography of 8 time world champion skateboarder Andy Macdonald and Black Belt Weapons Regional and National Tournament Champion where he incorporates his martial arts experience into his presentations with an entertaining and inspirational message.

Barry hosted over 400 Radio and Television shows in New York City, Washington and on the Comcast Television Network. Some of his guests have included: Don Rickles, Barbara Mandrell, Evander Holyfield, Rita Rudner and Bruce Jenner. In addition to hosting his own show Farber has been interviewed on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNBC and CNN. He was also a columnist for Sales and Marketing Management magazine and has been featured in Ad Week, Investors Business Daily, Selling Power, U.S. News & World Report, Variety and The New York Times.

Farber has excelled at sales since he paid his way through college selling fold-up sunglasses door-to-door. Upon graduation from the University of Maryland, he sold real estate on weekends, home improvement products at night and magazine advertising for Fashion Life during the day. Prior to founding his own company in 1990, he has held senior positions in sales, sales management and was the national sales training manager for Ricoh Corporation.

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