Barry Farber

Barry Farber is the author of 11 books on sales, management and peak performance. His latest release, "Diamond in the Rough" CD program, is based on his book, radio and television show. Visit him at, or email him at

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Customer Service

Ever After

Will you still respect your clients in the morning?

Meet & Potatoes

The basics you need to get out of your comfort zone and network
Entrepreneur Magazine

"Works Great!"

Using testimonials to unleash the power of the second opinion
Sales Techniques

More Than Words

Use nonverbal cues to help the sale along.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wild Ideas

Nature's calling, and it has a lot of good thoughts on building your business.

Meeting a New Customer

Four simple ways to make your meeting with that new customer a success.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Diamond Minds

You'll have to work for it, but knowledge is your best shot at success.
Sales Techniques

Selling Points

Catchy phrases become clich�s because they're true. Take a look at these 6 sales maxims and see if you agree.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Deep Focus

How do you spell success?
Sales Techniques

Just Be Yourself

Next time you go on a sales call, don't pocket your personality at the door.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Recharge Your Battery

All the energy you need to keep going and going and going . . .
Sales Techniques

Back Off!

Being friendly is good, but being too chummy to make the sale is not.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Comic Relief

Humor is good medicine; it could also be the best way to close a sale.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Positively Poised

What it's all about
Finding Prospects

Open Sesame

You don't need a secret password to get through your prospects' doors. All it really takes is a good strategy.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Bright Side

When moments of truth become moments of opportunity
Entrepreneur Magazine

At a Loss?

Never fear. Here's all the pumping, priming and know-how you need to lift yourself from the pink-slipped masses and turn the loss of your job into a business even your former employer will envy.
Sales Techniques

One of the Good Guys

Prospects will reach for their cash once you prove you're on their side.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pushing the Limits

Are you pushing yourself-and your business-as far as you can?
Sales Techniques

Happy Sales To You

Get on the right trail by connecting with your prospects' star players.
Closing the Sale

Close Encounter

Sometimes you need more than a handshake to seal the deal.
Finding Prospects

Ringing True

Three easy ways to sell better on the phone
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get Uncomfortable

Nobody ever became a success sitting still in the cushy confines of the same ol', same ol'.
Tips from Experts

On The Horizon

To ensure success is in your future, keep your goals in sight.
Time Management and Organization

Juggling Time

Having difficulty balancing work and play? Make the most of each day with these time-management techniques.

Wow Clients With Your Presentation

You don't want that sale to slip through your fingers, do you? Then put some panache into your presentation.
Tips from Experts

Rise Above It

Feeling unmotivated? Try these four steps to rejuvenation.
Tips from Experts

Follow The Leader

. . . and discover five traits the great ones share.
Customer Service

The Triangle Offense

Building your own sales pyramid-one step at a time
Entrepreneur Magazine

Just Ask

Knowing the right questions to ask can be as powerful as any sales technique.

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