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Trend Spotting

Futurist reveals 16 forces shaping America.

This story appears in the December 1996 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Random and chaotic may be how the vast consumer marketplace looks to most of us, but when futurist Faith Popcorn scans the globe, she sees major trends that propel many consumer buying decisions--from "cocooning" (where Americans have turned into homebodies) through "pleasure revenge" and "small indulgences" (where we puff cigars between nibbles of Godiva chocolates). Not only does Popcorn describe today's trends, but she also pinpoints the forces shaping tomorrow's marketplace. And a stream of big businesses contract with her consulting firm BrainReserve to get this scoop.

Is Popcorn's picture of tomorrow on the mark? "I haven't been wrong about a trend yet," she claims. And she predicts her new book Clicking (HarperCollins) will help even more entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Read on for her tips on how to get rich betting on tomorrow.

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