Robert J. McGarvey


Positive ID

Trouble tracking inventory? Tag it like a wild animal.

In Wireless We Trust

Which Americans use mobile technology the most?

IM Is In

Talk on the phone without moving your lips.

M's the Word

Mobile commerce is starting small.

On Hand at All Times

Palm wants in on 24/7 wireless e-mail.

Late Arrival

Bluetooth technology is still teething.

Over There!

Your mobile phone's hot to globe-trot.

Have Palm, Will Travel

eWallet makes filling out forms so passé.

Ink Different

Keyboards beware! The wireless pen is here.

You've Got . . . an Ad?

Advertising hits the wireless Web.

Easy on the Eyes

Sick of squinting at those tiny screens?

Sales From the Crypt

If you're looking for a great deal, check out what overstocked products this site has for sale.

The Doors

Sites that help you break on through to the wireless side

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Web Site

Anything and everything you wanted to know about the results of the 2000 census

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