Robert J. McGarvey

Do You Need A Laptop?

Maybe, maybe not. For some road warriors, a Palm will take care of business.

Must-Have: Digital Camera

Boost your Web site's appearance with digital images.

Web Site

To keep up with news and development in human resouces, check out this site.

Web Site

If you're looking for really private e-mail, check out HushMail.

Retire Right

The Web's got the answers to your retirement-plan questions.


This federal government Web site is dedicated to exposing online scams.

Foreign Affair

All the statistical information about other countries you can get your hands on

Cash In

Get paid for finding proof of an earlier use of a patented idea.

Find It

This newest search engine lets you paste in chunks of text you want to search for.

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Taxed to the Max

Is your state ripping you off?

Guard Your Hard Drive

Remote backup is a must for your important data.

Web Site

A one-stop shopping spot for marketing e-services

Sick Of Spam?

Change your diet with nifty newsletters.

Bargain Hunter

Use this shopping bot to search for low-price tech gear.
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