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3 Tips for Hiring a Great Startup 'Squad'

Entrepreneur Adam Liebman shares his best advice for making the right moves when staffing up at your company.

Adam Liebman has made it his business to help connect like-minded groups of people on and offline. So it’s no wonder that for him, hiring a great team for your business is a little like second nature.

Last year, Liebman founded an app called Squad -- essentially a dating app for groups, albeit without the pressure normally associated with dating apps. Squad is all about having fun with friends and meeting new people, Liebman says.

Given his expertise in the matter, when it comes to meeting and hiring new people for his company, Liebman has some useful tips:

1. Know when it’s time to hire.

“Get feedback from others on your staff. If hiring one additional person can shave weeks or months off of a project then, yes, you might want to consider bringing someone on board.”

2. Have a trusted network of advisors.

“Not your typical business advisors, but a network of people who can refer quality candidates to you and also help you vet your top choices.”

3. Make chemistry a priority.

“Hiring a person based on qualifications alone won’t cut it,” Liebman says. “If you want this person to really be a part of your team, the personalities need to gel.”

Liebman discusses even more about staffing up in the video above.

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