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Psio's Revon handheld computer
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Ever been on your way to a meeting and realized there are typos on the presentation you're about to deliver to a prospective client? Psion's Revo allows you to read and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files while on the go as well as print via an infrared transfer. Its spiffy design holds 8MB RAM, an EPOC operating system and a 36MHz RISC processor- bad for a handheld. Its PsiWin 2.3 software converts Psion files to Windows and vice-versa, and a docking station connects to a PC, allowing synchronization of e-mail and calendar items. The 2.5-by-5-inch screen and 16-shade monochrome display offer a sharp image and 480 x 160 resolution, but no backlight makes input in low light unlikely. Minimum requirements include a 30MB hard drive and Windows 95/98/NT. Although it has no internal modem, the Psion can make infrared connection to data-capable phones, and an optional travel modem is available. Revo's lithium ion batteries will give you enough juice to be on the road for two weeks between charges.





Street price: $399

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