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How Cashaa is Easing Global Transaction With a Click

The brand wants to become a one-stop platform for all financial needs globally
How Cashaa is Easing Global Transaction With a Click
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Digitalizing monetary transaction globally was quiet a glitch unless Kumar Gaurav came up with Cashaa. Further, the brand wants to become a one-stop platform for all financial needs globally. Let us know how Gaurav, CEO and Founder, Cashaa is easing global transaction with a click.

How Do You Function in the European Market?

Cashaa is world's only mobilefirst bank that uses the blockchain technology as its infrastructure along with the traditional banking facilities. The existing conventional banking are either slow or have intermediaries. Even the other platforms are complicated and expensive for money transfer. There came Cashaa to ease out global monetary transaction. Besides, using Cashaa app you can store, save, spend, receive, borrow and get insured by being legally complaint. Together with Master Card, we plan to provide the first online wallet for immigrants in Europe and India.

How Do You Function In The European Market?

The European natives are aware of the ease of digital banking. However, the immigrants are completely dependent on banks even for their daily transaction. There we come and ease off online transaction. We target primarily the Immigrants because they need to send money to their home.

How Does the App Work?

After downloading the app, through the wallet you can send money to 200 countries and recipient will receive the money in their local currencies within minutes despite of time difference. The money can also be withdrawn from ATM. While travelling in Europe, I knew what all I needed being an immigrant. I have incorporated all those aspects in this app. Also this is helpful in terms of debit/ credit card loss. In case, if you lose your card, you can quickly disable it through the app. Later on, if you are able to find card, you can once again enable it the same way. Another high point of the app is, one can covert currencies anytime.

How is Cashaa Different From Others?

There are few features which are not available in any other online monetary transaction platforms or banks. We stand out holistically. There is nobody who is doing all of it seamlessly.

How Do You Plan to Aware Your Indian Audience?

We have planned to do our partnership with several Universities to make the students aware of the technology because at the end of the day, the more aware they are the more advanced they become. So spreading from the ground level is what we plan for. Also, we have partnered with the travel solution companies to guide their students and parents about the advantages of Cashaa.

Looking Forward, What are Your Future Plans?

Cashaa aims to become a one stop platform for financial needs globally by 2018-2019 end.

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