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3 Ways to Change Your Self-Perception to Directly Benefit You, Your Business and Your Clients

Don't let doubt do you in.

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Entrepreneurs and businesses can’t afford to have negative, unhealthy self-perceptions. What the world needs more of is people believing in themselves and believing in their businesses, but also showing that their businesses are authentically committed to a greater purpose than self-serving interests and sizeable profit margins. Research is showing customers want to experience authentic relationships with businesses that know what they stand for, why they exist, who they are and what their long-term purpose is for the betterment of humanity. 

Klaus Vedfelt | Getty Images

When they surveyed 30,000 consumers globally, Accenture’s research found that companies with a grander purpose beyond what they sell were more likely to attract consumers and influence their purchasing decisions. This requires healthy levels of self-belief and self-perceptions. The problem is, while we never prepare table settings for impostor syndrome, self-doubt or unhelpful negative self-evaluations, they constantly show up for dinner without an invitation.

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