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4 Ways 2020 Has Changed Company Culture Forever

The current crisis provides an opportunity to rethink your company's culture.

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The last six months have changed almost every aspect of our lives, especially in the workplace. Crises often highlight greater issues and misalignment within a company’s culture, but they can also serve as a catalyst for change. When we look back on 2020 in five to 10 years, we will likely see a pattern in the organizations that survived and those that didn’t.

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The difficult times have revealed the important role culture plays in helping companies successfully make it to the other side of a crisis. Think of effective culture as a bi-directional, inside out model that starts with the self at its core, then moves to the team level, and then to the organizational culture. Ultimately, the organizations that come out of this year the strongest are the ones where leaders have not only taken steps to strengthen their team and overall culture but have also peeled back the layers to focus on the individual – including themselves.

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