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How We Can Rise Above Unconscious Gender Bias

Exploring unconscious gender bias to achieve gender equality globally.

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Globally, women encounter innumerable challenges in the workplace. One of the major challenges women encounter is unconscious gender bias. Research has shown that women are stereotyped due to conscious and unconscious bias. Some men don’t realize that there is a prevailing unconscious bias that is preventing women from breaking the glass ceiling.

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When individuals are aware of their biases it is known as conscious bias whereas when individuals are unaware of their biases it is known as unconscious bias. Conscious bias is also known as explicit bias. Unconscious bias is also known as implicit bias and hidden bias. When people judge and assess others and situations based on their personalities, personal experiences, societal stereotypes, and cultural backgrounds, it is known as unconscious bias. These biases exist about ethnicity, race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, weight, and social group. They influence your decision making.

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