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Leadership Lessons From Ted Talks, the Oscars, and Burning Man

These very different phenoms offer secrets to boosting longevity, fostering loyalty, and delivering experiences people will find truly engaging.

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When the organizers of Mobile World Congress — one of the tech industry’s premier annual events — announced in February that they had cancelled this year’s gathering amid the burgeoning outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it was unclear just how long the outbreak would reshape life and business as we know it. Eight months later, with the pandemic still raging, a new normal of virtual events has taken hold — a shift that offers vital lessons for business leaders navigating the many disruptions ushered in by the crisis.

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New formats, platforms, and modes of operation can unleash new possibilities and experiences — but in thinking about how they can meet the challenges of this unprecedented moment, entrepreneurs can learn a great deal from some of the world’s biggest physical events. Here’s a look at three very different gatherings that offer illuminating insights into how businesses can boost their own longevity, foster loyalty, and deliver experiences that people will find truly engaging.

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