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Closing a Mega M&A Deal During a Global Pandemic is Possible. Here's How.

As the world continues to battle a global pandemic, major M&A deals shouldn't be completely off the table. Here's how you can still close that mega deal.

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As a business leader, committing to a merger and acquisition (M&A) is one of the most crucial, difficult decisions one can make, as the results have long-lasting implications on customers, prospects, employees, and the overall industry at large. Adding to the complexity, this year, the world continues to battle a global pandemic that knows no borders or end — making leaders even more uncertain as to whether or not they should dive head-first into any major deals.

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From my own experience, the risk is worth the reward. Earlier this year, as the CEO of a global software security company working with tech brands like SAP, Salesforce and some of the leading financial institutions in the world, our team decided to take the plunge, closing on a $1.15 billion M&A deal with a private investor. While some thoughts went into the idea in late 2019, the final stages of the deal were executed during the onset of Covid-19, affecting nearly every touchpoint with our partners. This was the second time we navigated an M&A deal; however, the circumstances and lessons learned were certainly different.

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