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How Tech Platforms Are Helping People Give Away More of Their Money

Nonprofit and faith-based organizations have lost their traditional methods of community and donor engagement due to the global health crisis. Many groups are turning to digital giving platforms and other tech solutions to maintain and boost giving.

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The holiday season is the time of year when charitable giving hits its peak, with nearly one-third (31 percent) of annual giving occurring in December alone. However, the pandemic pushed nonprofit and faith-based organizations to face unfamiliar hurdles while navigating the most recent holiday season, forcing them to throw away traditional methods of community and donor engagement. Now, those methods can be used all year round to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes. 

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As the crisis continues to affect traditional methods of engagement and giving, many nonprofits and churches have accelerated the adoption of digital giving platforms. They can no longer rely on in-person events and services to raise donations. This digital giving is looking to be more than a trend. 

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