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Virtual Hiring Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Efficiency and accessibility are only a few of the reasons why virtual recruiting and hiring practices will continue to grow.

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The past year has led businesses worldwide to dramatically shift their operations. What started as a daunting challenge ended up being a moment of evolution for many companies, showing what we're truly capable of under extreme circumstances. Management was worried about what would happen, and employees showed us they could maintain or improve their productivity even when working remotely for the first time. Companies that were previously unaware realized the power of virtual teams and the technology that facilitates them, with 87 percent saying they will prioritize these investments in the future to sustain remote work.

Together we have experienced this online working revolution while navigating the challenges of the past year. This shift has touched every sector in unique ways, and this is especially true within recruiting and HR, which has started embracing technology and automation to save money and provide an improved experience for candidates. Through a shift to virtual career fairs, automation-assisted text message recruiting, and video interviews, hiring has changed and may never be the same – and for good reason.

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