Aida Fazylova

Co-founder and CEO,

Aida Fazylova is the co-founder and CEO of, She is a mathematician-programmer and a top recruiter with over six years of experience in IT recruitment and project management. Her areas of expertise include technology, computer science, AI, recruitment and HR management.

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Science & Technology

Virtual Hiring Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Efficiency and accessibility are only a few of the reasons why virtual recruiting and hiring practices will continue to grow.


La contratación virtual no desaparecerá pronto

La eficiencia y la accesibilidad son solo algunas de las razones por las que las prácticas virtuales de contratación y contratación seguirán creciendo.

Science & Technology

How Chatbots Are Revolutionizing the Hiring Experience

Imagine being able to apply for a job over text message in less than five minutes.

Science & Technology

How Integrating AI Into Recruitment Can Benefit Companies Facing a Labor Crisis

Entrepreneurs intent on fast growth need to stay one step ahead of their competitors. That's where AI comes in -- or should.

Resumes & Interviewing

Here's Why Your Company Should Start Using Chatbots for Talent Acquisition

Use bots to take care of the tedious tasks of hiring, and use humans to handle the trickier ones, like cultural fit.

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