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These Are the Most Hated Brands in Every Country in the World (Infographic)

Spoiler: Tesla and Uber made multiple appearances on the list.


There's nothing that brings people together like a shared hatred, even if the enemy is an entity rather than a person. means everyone's a critic, and there's almost nothing people like to complain about more than their most-loathed brands. Had a bad experience with an ride? Tweet about it. Detest the latest original series? Post it on your story. 

Curious if people in countries around the world shared a common "enemy," Rave Reviews used an analysis tool called SentiStrength to review more than a million tweets and find the most-hated brand in each country in the world. Although the results varied by geography, there were some common threads: Sony appeared on the list 10 times, Tesla seven and Uber four. In both the U.S. and UK, Uber is the most-hated brand.

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