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Go, Go Gadgets

The winner of our tech makeover contest makes the most of her new gizmos on the road.

This story appears in the November 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Pursesnickety! has been on the road. Deborah Nail, the winner of Entrepreneur and Interland's makeover contest, has a trade show itinerary with more stops than a coast-to-coast Greyhound: ; ; Greensboro, North Carolina; ; Los Angeles; ; ; and , Florida. And they're all packed into a span of weeks of continuous travel. In the , trade show time is the big time. are where Nail gets many wholesale orders for her colorful, funky purses. It's been a good crash course in using her new ThinkPad R40 and Sprint Treo 600 smartphone.

For entrepreneurs on the go, lets them keep working even as they're jetting around. Shortly before the trade show whirlwind started, Nail came up with a new purse design that incorporates removable beaded handles that can be worn as necklaces. She was able to approve photographs for a line sheet of the new purses with her laptop and wireless access at the airport in Chicago. Though she admits she's not much of a technology buff, Nail hasn't had a lot of trouble adapting to the hardware: "The most difficult part has been getting used to using the little pen [with the Treo]. If that doesn't work, I have long nails."

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