Amanda C. Kooser

Stretch Your Tech Buck

10 tech essentials that can give your startup more power for less money.

Windows or Mac OS? You Don't Have to Choose.

Toggling between two operating systems and sharing data is a no-brainer.

Has Mobility Become a Must?

If our scenarios apply to you, you probably need more mobility.
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Beyond Display Ads

Display ads are so yesterday, but what are the alternatives? We've got 'em.
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Tune in to the Social Channel

Social networking is moving to the TV. Are you ready?
Ready To Launch

Is Your Site Ready for Launch?

Make sure your website includes all these must-haves.

Bytes and Bits You Can Use

Give your biz a boost with the latest tech.
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Your Site + SEO = High Search Rankings

If search engines can't find you, neither can customers. Build your site right.
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Make Your New Site Social

It's never too early to integrate social networking into your website. In fact, the sooner, the better.

Google Shines with Chrome

The search giant debuts its own browser.

Collaborate Virtually

Work together online with these new services.

Signing On Made Simple

OpenID reduces the number of passwords and user names you need.
Growth Strategies

Can Silicon Valley Avoid a Wall Street-Like Meltdown?

In the U.S. technology hub, it's become survival of the leanest.
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Sell Yourself Right

If you do it right, a pitch show can mean a wealth of opportunity for your new business.

A Computer that Hears You

New advancements in speech recognition software mean better voice navigation, surfing, formatting and more.