Ken Gosnell

Ken Gosnell

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder of CEO Experience

Ken Gosnell is the founder of CEO Experience and the publisher of the CXP CEO Executive Guide. Gosnell is a keynote speaker, executive coach and author of the book Well Done: 12 Biblical Business Principles for Leaders to Grow Their Business with Kingdom Impact.

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How to Talk to Your Leader About Personal Issues and Ask for an Accommodation

Great employees understand the value of sharing personal issues. In fact, being open can actually enhance team performance and connectivity. 

How to Make Decisions That Your Business Leader Will Not Overturn

One of the most important behaviors of a next-level leader is to think as their organization's leader thinks.

Business Investing for Business Growth

Business leaders can lead strategically by investing in both themselves and the business.,

How to Create Business Momentum

Whether you are starting a business or been at it for a while, one key to success is for your business to find momentum.

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