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2 Retail Stocks to Avoid After Black Friday Traffic Disappoints

Black Friday sales reflected lingering supply chain issues and lower foot traffic due to concerns over the newly identified omicron coronavirus variant. Hence it could be best to avoid retail...

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Steer Clear of These 4 Popular Tech Stocks That Were Recently Downgraded

The COVID-19 pandemic-led tech boom seems to be ending as the industry grapples now with supply chain issues. Furthermore, the industry faces the risk of greater regulation, which could rein...

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2 Retail Stocks That Handily Beat Earnings Estimates

The retail industry has been attracting rising foot traffic over the past few months as social distancing mandates phase out. Furthermore, as the U.S. holiday season kicks in, retail sales...

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3 Psychedelics Stocks Wall Street Predicts Will Soar

Psychedelic substances like MDMA and psilocybin show great potential in treating patients with neurological or psychiatric problems. Therefore, drug development companies are showing an increasing interest in the field. Given...

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3 Cheap Stocks to Buy Before the End of the Year

The benchmark equity indices rallied to fresh highs after Jerome Powell's selection as the Fed Chair for a second term this week. And the U.S. economic recovery has again picked...

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Forget Lucid group, Buy These 4 Electric Vehicle Stocks Instead

Carmakers are focusing intensely on the EV industry as regulatory measures become stricter amid climate concerns, with many countries aiming to phase-out internal-combustion vehicles. The shares of Lucid Group (LCID)...