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Preparing for Retirement When You've Gone Through a Divorce

Saving for retirement is complicated enough on its own, but a divorce throws a wrench in the plans and might impact your timeline. As stressful as things might seem, a...

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10 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Big Purchase

One of the most difficult aspects of making a significant purchase is the mental hurdle you have to overcome. You part ways with a lot of your hard-earned money, you're...

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Why Brands Are Launching Their Own Credit Cards (And 10 to Check Out)

The highly competitive world of retail means businesses must find ways to create customer loyalty. Launching a credit card gives a brand the ability to pass out member points for...

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When Do You Need to Start Treating Your Side Gig Like a Real Business?

Even before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people used their free time to engage in their passions. Whether knitting scarves and selling them on Etsy or doing home repair work...

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5 Bad Investments Even Smart People Make

When people read about failed investments, a common misconception is that the victims must not have thought things through carefully enough or made other "stupid" decisions. Unfortunately, however, intelligent people...

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Invest Like a Woman: How Women in the U.S. Can Take Advantage of the Stock Market

An unexpected result of the COVID-19 pandemic is an increased number of women investing in the stock market. It’s challenging to determine the e...