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How Abbott Labs, AbbVie Could Profit on Seizure Drug Formula

New research suggests Depakote ingredient could have a new clinical function. This could present more profit potential for drugmakers as well as investors.

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Should Medtronic's Recent Colibri Patent Controversy Concern You?

A court ruled that Medtronic infringed on Colibri patents.The financial toll from damages is heavy but may not endure as the data suggests MDT is strong.

Business News

There's a Lot to Love About Mineralys' Valentine's Day IPO

MLYS added 20% more shares to IPO funding, which goes live on 2/14. The bump secured liquidity to stabilize development, improving market cap to $683 million

Business News

Novavax Shares Jumped in January While Others Slipped

Updated FDA Covid vaccine policy could've boosted NVAX shares at the end of January, when other pharma stocks slipped, but it may not affect the bottom line.

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These AI, Cloud Stocks are Down Significantly, Not For Long

These three AI/Cloud stocks are near historic lows but the industry is growing. As such, any of these could rebound; though it may take longer for some.

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Mergers and Acquisitions in 2023 Off To A Strong Start

Mergers and acquisitions are common, especially across the health sector. Here are some lesser-known buyouts and how they could fare down the road.

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