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Did We Forget to Give Teams a Remote Working Playbook?

Imagine you’re a new employee at a time when many people are starting their careers remotely. Where is the remote work playbook? Are employees ready for remote work routines? How...

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Fairly Handling Time-Off Requests

Today’s employees value employment perks and advantages as much as the pay. However, demanding time off affects who wants to work with you. Time-off is important. People won’t apply for...

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Building A Remote Work Time Management Culture

The quick move to remote employment in 2020 presented significant issues for enterprises. In a 2019 Glassdoor study, 58 percent of respondents indicated business culture is more important than wage...

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Marketers Can Use Self-Service Strategies to Save Time

If you’re with marketers, you understand how critical it is to communicate with customers to increase client retention and close sales. However, carving out real one-on-one time may seem harsh,...

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The Appointment Economy: Customer Engagement

An appointment economy is emerging to improve consumer engagement, and field experiences as the globe opens up. So take a moment to check your Calendar and get your appointments scheduled...

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A Beginner's Guide to Intuitive Calendar Management

Entrepreneurs and business professionals have a lot on their plates. There are forms to sign, meetings to attend, and a work-life balance that's always teetering on edge. But, while the...