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Final Answer

Take the guesswork out of franchising with answers to these top 10 franchise questions--guaranteed to put you in the know.
Ready For Anything

A Sweet Smell of Success

One woman turned a family business into an international sensation.

How Convenient

A little loyalty translates into a lifelong franchise relationship.

Spin City

Now that these entrepreneurs have put a modern twist on the music industry, independent labels can stay in the game.
Starting a Business


Thinking of starting your own homebased business? Take a peek behind the shutters and find out what it's like to make the dough right at home.

A Franchise Unique by Design

The latest twist in franchising brings together art, business and community spirit.
Ready For Anything

When Hair Shines, Sales Soar

Venturing deep into the rainforest for an exotic oil may seem crazy, but people are going nuts for this man's hair products.
Starting a Business

Win Your Startup Capital

A business contest lets wannabe tech entrepreneurs get in the startup game.

That's Amore

A couple of franchisees learn that dough is a relative term for success in the pizza business.

Not-so-little League

Think the big guys control the gadgets market? Think again.

Group Effort

How do you create the unforgettable? Being able to direct an army of experts sure helps.

Get Noticed

Want to make your business the center of attention? Take part in an eye-catching event.

Isle Style

This entrepreneur is taking beach bum to a whole new level with his high-end, Caribbean-inspired apparel.

Take It Up a Notch

Whether it's shoes or soap, selling on eBay is no longer business casual--today's sellers are serious. Are you?

Tea for Two

The best way to market a unique beverage? Let customers taste it for themselves.