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CEO of Sonatafy Technology


Addressing the Stress of Uncertainty

The pandemic-marked shift in how and where people work is just the latest tectonic market change business owners have to contend with, but there are ways to effectively guide teams through these changes.

Why a Wider Net is Now Needed to Find the Right Software Engineer

Stiff competition is making it hard to secure these key tech business staffers, but widening a search by nearshoring could be a ready solution.

Why Outsourcing to a Nearshore Software Development Company Might Be the Right Move

Proximity, streamlined communication and reduced costs are just a few of the advantages to outsourcing to nearshore options.

Why Mexico Needs to Be on the Radar for Tech Companies

Technology businesses can boost their competitive advantage by keeping Mexico on speed dial for many of their needs.

Lead With Emotional Courage

When you are compassionate, accessible, humble and open to new ideas, your employees won't feel like you are a lifeless robot or uncaring authority figure who demands obedience.

Why Soft Skills Are a Necessity in the Nearshore Industry

When it comes to software development, the last skills most developers focus on are the soft ones. 

Demand for Tech Talent Forces IT Leaders to Adjust Hiring Strategies

Leaders in information technology say they are increasing pay packages and offering flexible work arrangements to deepen the pool of potential employees. 

How to Hire the Right Software Testing Team

Implementing best practices will ensure you have selected the right team for your company.

4 Lessons Businesses Should Have Learned From the Pandemic

The pandemic has opened our eyes to the many wonders of digital communication, as well as its limits.

How Spending on Digital Transformation Can Save You Money

Investing in a nearshore software development company can benefit your business in the long term.

How Real Leaders Coach Their Employees For Success

The best benefit of effective coaching is improved employee engagement.

Quality Leadership in the 'Great Resignation' Era

 Leaders need to anticipate accept this new way of business and adapt.

Common Misconceptions of Nearshoring

Delegating services to other countries is a common practice that most business owners employ in their quest for expansion.