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Stever Robbins is a venture coach, helping entrepreneurs and early-stage companies develop the attitudes, skills and capabilities needed to succeed. He brings to bear skills as an entrepreneur, teacher and technologist in helping others create successful ventures.

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Business News

Let's Talk About Risk

It's the least sexy part of your biz plan, but risk presentation know-how can help deliver the funding you need.

Business Plans

Why You Must Have a Business Plan

It's more than a tool for getting funding. Think of it as the road map to your business's future.

Money & Finance

Dipping Into Your Retirement Fund to Start a Business

Is your 401(k) plan a good source of capital for your startup?

Starting a Business

How Do I Start a Business?

You know you want to be an entrepreneur-now find out what it takes to really get going.

Estrategias de crecimiento

¿Cómo valorar una empresa?

Si está interesado en comprar un negocio existente, aquí hay algunas formas de medir su valor.

Growing a Business

How to Value a Business: 9 Ways to Calculate a Business's Worth

Not sure how to value a business or calculate its financial worth? Discover nine ways to calculate a business's worth in this detailed guide.