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3 Steps to Starting a Coaching Business Today

Creating a coaching business can be a quick way to begin generating revenue based on your own expertise. Here's how to get started without getting overwhelmed.

Before we get into the "how" of starting your online coaching business, you might be asking, "why should I start an online coaching program at all?" As an entrepreneur, it has been your mission to learn as much as you can about starting and growing a business, your industry, your market, and so much more. Wouldn't it be a great idea to put your knowledge to work as a revenue stream while helping others on their journey?


For many people, the answer to that question is yes. Nearly 90 percent of entrepreneurs who have a coach consider that coaching relationship invaluable, says Allie Fernando, Director of Brand Experience at Kajabi. Founded in 2010, Kajabi is an all-in-one online platform that empowers entrepreneurs and experts to teach and build a business around their passions.

"Coaching is a great gateway that allows new online entrepreneurs to front-load income-generating activities, while also complementing any other knowledge products they offer, or plan to offer in the future," Fernando says.

Known for enabling business owners and first-time knowledge entrepreneurs to package their expertise into profitable online courses and membership sites, Kajabi recently launched Coaching on Kajabi, which allows entrepreneurs to quickly begin selling their expertise as packages of coaching services.

While building an online course can be time consuming—you have to come up with the idea, record the courses, and build out the modules all before you can begin selling it—a coaching business on Kajabi can be set up in less than 30 minutes, Fernando says.

"From setting up your product and managing the checkout process, to syncing with a calendar and integrating video conferencing, Kajabi has every step in the process covered, and all tied together," she says. "Coaching on Kajabi cuts the steps and hurdles it takes to get from idea to income."

As a successful Kajabi customer, and coach to course creators and coaches, Ant Hodges shares the three main steps you'll need to take to start a coaching business of your own—fast.

1. Show up and become more visible.

To scale a coaching business fast online today, the first thing to do is to be seen and valued. "Create and share unique content that will serve others with what you know and how to fix their challenges in life before they even think about doing business with you," Hodges says.

Along with the new coaching platform, blogging, podcasts and even newsletters are all baked into Kajabi, making the process of hosting coaching sessions and creating/publishing content as easy as possible.

2. Create irresistible offers.

When someone has a challenge and they are looking for a coach to serve them, Hodges says there are three things that they look for:

  • Best practice strategies
  • A community
  • Access to an expert coach

"Hands down, with the community feature, the ability to create amazingly engaging video lessons with downloads and worksheets, plus the ability to set up and book coaching sessions directly with me from inside their account, Kajabi handles everything for me," Hodges says. "I can create a product and offer that people will fall over themselves to buy from me."

3. Build a real relationship with your audience.

People do business with other professionals that they know, like, and trust. "As a coach wanting to serve the world, get to know your audience, and they need to get to know you," Hodges says.

With the ability to send regular emails, embed live stream events, and set up access to pre-recorded content, Kajabi enables startup coaches to do exactly that. "You can create amazing-looking emails, landing pages, and host an unlimited amount of video content," Hodges explains. "Setting up things like on-demand webinars is a breeze, too. All these things enable you to build deeper relationships with your audience."

Click here to learn how Kajabi can help you set up a successful coaching business today.


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