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Wing And A Prayer Sock it away, the perfect proposal, earth angels, loans in a

By Paul DeCeglie

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Angel networks are forming in locales around the country toidentify small businesses worthy of financial blessings. Frominformal breakfast groups to broker-forged entities, these networksfill a need among high-tech start-ups that have exhausted theirpersonal financial resources--family, friends, credit cards--butdon't yet qualify for venture capital funds. However, theoperative term here is "high-tech," virtually a universalcondition for this type of angel funding. (, anangel network in San Diego, is one such entity. It's made up ofa group of private individuals who invest their own money, inamounts ranging from $50,000 to $500,000.

"There are more than 60 groups like this operating in theUnited States, and many more around the world," says ChuckTeel, co-founder of Business Angels International ( Portage, Indiana. The 2-year-old company publishes TheInternational Directory of Venture Capital Networks and BusinessAngel Networks 1999 (U.S. edition, $39.95, available at the Website).

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