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Paul DeCeglie

Growth Strategies

Saving Grace

Review of free guide <i>Retirement Plans for Small Businesses</i>
Starting a Business

ABCs of LLCs

Tax ramifications of forming an LLC
Starting a Business

Good Buy

What to find out before buying an existing business

The Price Is Right

How to establish appropriate prices for your product or service

Don't Go There

8 common mistakes entrepreneurs make with their money

Fast Lane To Nowhere

Why high-growth customers pose a credit risk

The Bottom Line

Why it's important to have a budget

Payment Due

Tips for getting paid promptly

To Market?

When is the right time to invest?

On The Spot

What lenders and investors want to know about you before loaning you money

Buddy Up

How to develop a friendly relationship with your bank

Getting Trashed

How long should you keep financial records?

Fun With Funding

If you left your creativity somewhere with your coloring books, you're not ready to find financing in the post-dotcom era.