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Be Genuine and Passionate: The Importance of Engaging Customers Simply selling is no longer enough. Personal relationships and providing seamless service is a powerful way to keep customers coming back.

Every business owner wants to sell more. But that's not always the result of pounding the pavement or cold calling like crazy, talking up the benefits of your product or service. Increasingly, the recipe for success is creating an experience that customers love.

If you ask Jim Shay, president of luxury men's clothing and lifestyle brand ISAIA, the key to is to create an experience for consumers that draws them to your brand and keeps them coming back. From the design of your product, to the look and feel of your stores and websites and beyond, it's about having a genuine style and experience that speaks to your customers, as well as your staff.

"It almost becomes where your brand is an adjective to a behavior," Shay says in the short video above.

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