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Bird's-Eye View Make maps a part of your marketing plan.

By Steve Cooper

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Go to Google Maps and type in "Chicago airport." Clickthe "Satellite" button to view the satellite imagery.Zoom in two or three clicks until O'Hare International beginsto take shape, then travel north a few clicks-bull's-eye!There's the Target store.

Like Target, businesses around airports have been advertising ontheir rooftops for years, knowing that overhead traffic brings anaudience. With the explosion of satellite imagery on the internet,every rooftop in the country is now a trafficked fly zone. Soshould entrepreneurs paint their roofs?

Before you grab your paint bucket, consider the fact that thesatellite images used by Google and others are not live shots-manyare years old. So if you paint your rooftop, don't expectimmediate results.

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