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Building a Business on Storytelling and a Spoken-word GPS Broadcastr pins people's stories to a map of the world, creating a collective living history.

By Ericka Chickowski

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Tell them a tale: Broadcastr's Andy Hunter (left) and Scott Lindenbaum.
Tell them a tale: Broadcastr's Andy Hunter (left) and Scott Lindenbaum.
Photo© Nyra Lang
• Based in New York City
• Four full-time employees, six freelancers and interns
• 78,285 unique visitors per month
• 112,890 page views per month
• On average, visits to the site last more than eight minutes
• 12,000+ stories have been uploaded to the site

What It Is
A location-based mobile application and website, gives people the chance to share audio stories about the places that are important to them.

"We are creating a system where everybody together can create [a] living history that spans the entire world," says Andy Hunter, who launched the site in March 2011 with co-founder Scott Lindenbaum. Hunter says Broadcastr offers everything from "anecdotes, information [and] hilarious stories" to accounts of "very serious things," like the 9/11 memorial.

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