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Arguing Semantics

The Net cook is brewing up a new Web. Are you ready for a taste test?

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If the current Web is a marinara, then the Semantic Web is amuch richer cream sauce. Don't worry if you haven't heardof it yet; you're about to get a crash course. To start,combine a serving of data integration, a heap of developingtechnology and a helping of philosophy for flavor. Mix well. Thefuture of the Web is starting to look very tasty.

This probably makes you wonder, "Just what is the SemanticWeb?" That's the same question we asked Eric Miller,Semantic Web Activity Lead for the Web standards body World WideWeb Consortium (W3C). "The Semantic Web is an extension of thecurrent Web," says Miller. "The specific focus of this isto provide a means where information is given a well-definedmeaning, better enabling machines to process, manipulate andintegrate this information into additional services so that humanscan better take advantage of these things."

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