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The Seven-Year-Itch: Are You Bored With Your Business? Can't find the motivation to drag yourself from your bed to your office? Scanning the want ads instead of the business section? Read on to find out how to scratch that dissatisfaction itch.

By Jeffery D. Zbar

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Gil Gordon was in business for four years when his motivationhit a brick wall: No matter how well he did, no matter how pleasedhis clients were, his business cycles were like a rollercoaster.

Billings swung wildly from month to month. Some months werestrong, others left him wondering why he had left his day job as adirector with Johnson & Johnson. And his emotional swings werecarried in tow.

This wasn't good for business or his self-confidence,especially since Gordon, president of Gil Gordon Associates, aMonmouth Junction, New Jersey, human resources and telecommutingconsulting firm, was working in a then-fledgling field hardlybrimming with clients jumping to send employees home to work.

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