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Starting a Business

Better Safe

Home alone? When you're working and living in the same place, you need to take home security seriously.

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Top winners prove you don't have to spend a fortune to secure your home office

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Grow your connections by joining a homebased business group.

Uncle Sam Wants <i>You</i>

You don't need to be a multinational to work with the government.

Free Agents: A Breed Apart

Whether you're itching to ditch corporate America or you've already hitched your wagon to a solo star, you're different. And you're fitting in just fine.

Resolve To Work Better In 2001

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A Mailbox By Any Other Name. . .

The USPS loosens its rental mailbox designations.

The Future Of SOHO

What forces are shaping tomorrow's homebased entrepreneur?

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Homebased Profesionals Find Work On The Web

If networking and pitching scare the living hell out of you, bid for projects online.

Why Ditch the Corporate Digs? New Survey Has Some Answers

. . . and they're not the answers you're expecting.
Starting a Business

Home vs. Home Office

Lay down the rules, and you'll alleviate some of the friction that arises when home is where the heart <I>and</I> the business are.

1-800-Call Me

Still aching for that perfect toll-free vanity number for your business? Here's your chance.

Win $5,000 For Speaking Your Mind

SOHO Lobby is seeking answers for its contest: How do politics and the Internet affect your homebased business?