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Cashing In With Money Hunters Popular TV show expands to the Net

By Kurt J. Samson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. is an online companion to the Money Hunt TVprogram, which features many of the nation's leadingentrepreneurs including Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo! andCandice Carpenter, creator and CEO of iVillage, who explain how tomake and keep money. It's a great place for entrepreneurs withbusinesses of any size to get free information.

The site includes excellent sections on financial and investmentQ & As, advice and contact information for mentors andinvestors, and a how-to section for anyone just starting out in thebusiness world.

Users can download a business plan template, search for a mentoron any financial topic--with leading entrepreneurs sharing theirsecrets. Perhaps the most useful is the "Golden Rolodex,"a guide to other sites that track and locate investors on the Web,a "deep" directory of contacts searchable by criteria,and information from the Money Hunt program.

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