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Don't Bank On It Former banker shares secrets for finding funding.

By Karen Axelton

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Seeking money to start your business? George Dawson, author ofBorrowing to Build Your Business (Upstart Publishing,$16.95, 800-594-3943), has plenty of ideas. With 23 years as abanker under his belt, Dawson knows what bankers look for whenmaking a loan. As owner of small-business finance consulting firmGrowing Your Business, in San Antonio, he also knows where to gowhen banks say no.

Business Start-Ups: Where should anentrepreneur start looking for financing?

George Dawson: Financing a start-up is like a layer cake.The foundation layer is your money; the frosting is the bank loan.There are plenty of [financing sources] in between. Finding themrequires persistence and a willingness to explore all theavenues.

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