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Educate Yourself Before You Inc. Yourself It's time to hone your management and marketing skills by starting your business education--as a teenager.

By Ben Casnocha

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There are a lot a good resources on the Internet, at your locallibrary, and perhaps at your elementary or high school.Self-education is a great way to learn the basics of business, anddevouring business books and trade rags always helps. But at whatpoint do you need to start your formal business education?

Assuming you haven't graduated from college yet,supplementing your regular curriculum with business classes is agood idea. If nothing else, you become more learned in management,marketing, finance and leadership. Moreover, it adds credibility toyour name, which doesn't yet have a big MBA, Ph.D. or J.D. nextto it.

Here are some tips about how to attend some business- oreconomics-focused classes at nearby universities or colleges aroundyour home.

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