Ben Casnocha


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Happy New Year! Now Set Some Goals!

As the new year begins, now's the best time to review your progress and decide what you want to accomplish in 2004.

Business News

How to Implement Product Updates

Organization and planning are the keys to continually providing customers with the products they want and need.

Business News

Using the Kid Factor to Leverage Press Opportunities

Make the most of your teen status, and the press will be eating out of your hand.

Business News

Sharpen Your Skills at a Youth Entrepreneur Camp

Opportunities abound for young entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of starting a business at entrepreneurial camps.

Business News

First Step in Starting a Business: Introspection

Hard questions to ask yourself before you up and start a business

Business News

Managing Adult Employees

How to effectively manage the teenage-adult relationship when working with employees who are older than you

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